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Brands of training items

Orion is developing corresponding and characterized training modules and brands for employees at different series and levels and promote learning – style corporate development through establishing brands:

“College Student’s Training Camp”training programs designed for new graduate students which includes military training, special will and outdoor expanded training and systematic classroom training, the on-job mentoring program and instructor responsibility system, such series of training shall take 1 year to complete and we have this kind of training program arranged every year.

“New Star Training”an orientation training program with 9 major subjects designed for new recruits from society .

“Technology Training”A training program organized at fixed time interval for employees working on technology, R & D, etc and workshop of discussion of updated operational conditions and practice.

““Operational Competition”a project designed for operation staff, which promotes collective learning introduced by operational competition.

“Eagle Program”a promotion project designed for base level managers which combines company practice with managerial theories.

“Training Class for Administrative Managers”a classroom teaching or workshop discussion designed for research and discussion, exchange, simulation and learning for the middle level and senior managers.

“Spring time Troop Training Campaign”a training activity program designed for Spring time which allows a centralized training to company employees on managerial tools and share updated practice results and experience.


Curriculum system

Orion designs curriculum of training based on the following 3 requirements: requirement of standard of qualification, requirement following the company strategy adjustment and organization structure change and requirement to satisfy new equipment and new technology and the relevant posts’ requirement; Orion has developed 120 plus curriculums n the curriculum system.


Trainers’ team

Orion employs top notch managers, technocrats and business key employees and make them instructors inside the Orion for carrying out training programs. Orion has engaged on a paid basis for 40 primary level instructors, 10 intermediate level instructors from employee base and outsourced 10 part time experts.


Types of training

Orion popularize the on-job training with the practice of “Mentor System” and “Instructor Responsibility”. The training class introduces work experience and skills as well as a spirit of diligence and responsibility from senior employees to the junior employees while other forms of training are also introduced to the students, such as learn from act, skill set training, simulation of scenario , management sand table and outdoor expended training., etc.

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