Productivity development


Orion selects engineering well shape and organize engineering construction based on target project or target block resources condition before the final delivery of engineering productivity or production of block.

Engineering productivity development:

Orion contracts on productivity development, designs and organizes for well construction engineering, commits productivity to client for the well shape client designated including well drilling, fracing, pumping, etc, it can be conventional vertical wells or characterized horizontal well project.

Engineering design

Engineering construction

productivity test and delivery

Productivity development of block:

Orion comprehensively contracts productivity development task on given block and resources, designs well shapes and organizes construction, delivers productivity to client in time frame specified.

Development design

Engineering construction

Delivery of productivity

Panzhuang productivity development project:Panzhuang project has created a China 1st coal bed methane multiple branches horizontal well group and a record of 100,000 cubic meters single well production.

From September 2006 through January 2007, Orion has contracted for Asia-America CBM Inc a productivity development contract for the 6 multiple branches horizontal wells in Panzhuang block; the target of productivity was an average daily 120,000 cubic meters, actual daily production was 300,000 cubic meters. It has accumulatively produced 408 million cubic meter CBM in the continuous 5 years production after the delivery to Asia-America CBM Inc.

Orion has worked on Panzhuang productivity development project and was responsible for well position geological study, well shape optimization, engineering construction, production maintenance and authorize for the production of the block after satisfying goal of productivity. Orion took overall responsibility in the development and engineering construction and the block has satisfied an annual productivity of 300 million tons at the present time.

Sanjiao productivity development project:Orion has created the 1st in China for the CBM cluster well and multiple branches horizontal well comprehensive development project.

From November 2006 through Janaury 2010, Beijing Orion in the capacity of an authorized operator has contracted Sanjiao block productivity development services. The engineering development was made at advantageous intensive area, adoption of multiple branches horizontal wells, run in big diameter PE screen into main branch in the horizontal well, the project has achieved the design goal of daily stable production of 15,000 cubic meters. The cluster well development was made as a supplement to the horizontal well, targeting the vertical multiple suites production formation as the target zone, with optimized fracing, achieved an average daily production of 2,000 cubic meter to 3,000 cubic meter and in the year 2009, it has attained the 38 billion cubic meters proven reserves and by the year 2010, 200 million cubic meters productivity was developed.

Kyrgyzstan productivity development and production maintenance project:It was the first oilfield which has adopted comprehensive operation services

In April 2014, Beijing Orion Energy Technology & Development Co., Ltd acted as an operating service provider has contracted with PEI Company a 200,000 tons conventional oilfield’s geological and reserve engineering study, development engineering and construction, production control and management and oilfield productivity maintenance services.

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