Maintenance of stable production


Orion selects pumping equipment and system and offers stable production maintenance services to all producers in the oil and gas fields.

Design pumping equipment and control system based on resources condition and has well’s engineering quality condition.

Optimize and formulate pumping working regime and implement refined control and management.

Maintain single well’s stable production or stable production of gas field.

Protection of production goal achieved

Orion formulates rational pumping regimes, stepping up refined management program for bringing about protection to the production goal achieved for poor permeable, poor coal bed structure, sensitive coal reservoir stress and gas well of poor water cut.

Maintenance of stable production

Different coal bed and reserve condition could limit implementation of stable production measures, Orion is able to identify a dynamic balance among pressure drop speed, gas and water flow, coal seam stability, well hole structure and reservoir modification mode.

Quick job of well workover

Quick workover bears significance for maintenance of continuous pumping, which is a technical guarantee for weather or not it can achieve gas well potential and make sure to the production goal realization and achieve stable production.

Orion has in September 2011 contracted xxx CBM well pumping design and operational management in Sichuan, thanks to the implementation of a principle of continued pumping, rationalized pressure drop and stable water drainage, the gas well has achieved entering into the production goal after tiding over a sensitive period.


Continuous pumping regime after quick realization of production goal for xxx CBM anthracite coal horizontal well and the stable production capacity was 55,000 cubic meters/day.


Adoption of quick well workover and after repeated workovers, the gas well has某井restored original production.


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