Coiled tubing operations


In partnership with professionals from NA research center, Orion has engineered and built four specially tailored truck-mounted coil rigs suitable for China land situation, road and traffic regulations.

Orion coiled tubing operations have set many records in conventional oil & gas, CBM, tight oil& gas, and shale gas industries of NA and China.

Fraccing w/unlimited stages






millingbridge plug

milling sleeves and ball seats

coiled tubing window-opening and side track

millingcement plug

logging thrucoiled tubing


logging in horizontal wells,                                               SAGD ranging productionlogging

temperature logging

open hole logging



conventional borehole treatment usingcoiled tubing

wax or scale removal

sand flusing under pressure

screenout removal

flowback nitrogen under negative pressure


complex borehole treatment using boiled tubing



pumpcement plug


convey toolsdownhole using coiled tubing

horizontal well injection gun conveyance convey perfs gun in horizontal well

convey casing inspection and repair tools

convey thru-tbg tools

delivery of other tools

coiled tubing speed string

wellheadhanging speed string

bottomhole packer hanging speed string

Rental of CT tools

rental of CT fracturing tools

rental of other tools related to CT

Orion owns 4 sets of coiled tubing units tailored for China markets, each set consists of 1 MI, 1 RSU and 1 picker. Orion owns 5 NA innovation patents by design.See the following table for specific performance:

main components specifications


max pulling:130K LBS

max snubbing:50K LBS


”jackknife” mast that can be operated hydraulically, located mechanically, no ground anchors are needed

goose neck

3 meters radius gooseneck which can rotate 180 degree

control system

CTES data acquisition system, electrohydraulic control system and wireless bellybox



wellhead pressure rating



Available coiled tubing sizes are2"、2-3/8"、2-5/8"、2-7/8"、3-1/4"

2” coiled tubing length reaching 6700 m

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