Cluster well   


Orion offers better solution for conventional oil and gas and cbm, tight gas, shale gas and other non conventional gas development utilizing traditional cluster well process and own design for perfection of cluster horizontal well and drilling and completion processes combining multiple blast + fracing technique.

Cluster well integrated development program of block

Traditional cluster well drilling and completion

Cluster horizontal well drilling and completion

Window –opening and side track technique

New drilling fluid system and reservoir protection technique

It was in 2008 in Shanxi Qinshui xxx block design and organization of implementation of multiple branches horizontal well project, which fully applied 2G well (multiple trunk open hole multiple branches horizontal well) structure, it was for the 1st time realized 1 and 5 at a single well farm and achieved total drilling footage of >200,000 meters, covered an area > 2km2 and brought about stable daily production of 45,000 cubic meters.

The 11 well in the well group, a project in 2013 of one group traditional cluster well project in xxx block Shanxi Qinshui is currently

in the process of fracing.

The 2014 project of 4G (cluster multiple stage fracing single branch horizontal well) in xxx block Shanxi Libi, a cluster horizontal well project xx 05P well group was adopted double well platforms, currently 2 wells have completed among the 6 designed wells.

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