Horizontal Well


Since 2005, Orion has developed 4 generations 12 sets horizontal well technologies for different reservoir conditions and resources, made in-depth optimization and innovation on drilling and completion processes such as directional drilling, geo-steering, fracing, pumping and others, resolved applicability of processes to different geological conditions while effectively maintained operational safety, stability and efficiency. Orion has achieved efficient development with smart way production. Orion has designed and constructed more than 90% coal bed methane horizontal wells in China including all high-yield wells.

Following are Orion’s 4G well products:

    4 G x 12 sets horizontal well drilling and completion projects.

    Vertical well coal seam caving or casing milling process.

    Connectivity drilling process.

    Branch well and side kick drilling project.

    Re-entry of multiple branches wells.

    Safe drilling process for coal bed methane horizontal well.

    Fiber glass casing, PE pipe completion process.

    Coiled tubing gas injection underbalanced process.

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